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Otisco Consolidation Connector

Otisco integrations for AARO
A Bridge between Accounting system and AARO*.

Save time and increase the quality of your reporting.


Otisco Consolidation Connector is optimized for integrations between the accounting system

and AARO's consolidation reporting system,
or an Excel solution.

Account matching - Intercompany -Acquisitions

You choose what level of data is to be imported to Otisco.
These dimensions are available:

  • Company Code

  • Period (year + month)

  • Account with account description

  • Dimensions as e.g. Cost CenterProject, Profit Centers 

  • Amount and Currency

Voucher level detail and cash forecast data from the accounting system can be added optionally.
This detail of data can be used with AARO's Drill through functionality and AARO's Cash Forecast product.

Data accessed by:

  • SQL View

  • CSV/TXT Export

  • API

A small sample of the accounting systems used by our customers are:


*Otisco will work with most of the consolidation reporting systems on the market.
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