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Case Studies


The Challenge


The old system lacked the functionality for complete end-to-end legal reporting. It lacked transparency into consolidated figures and change tracking. Intercompany matching was time-consuming. Operational and legal reporting were handled separately and difficult to reconcile.

The solution


AARO — a new system for operational and group consolidation. The implementation was led by Otisco. AARO’s built-in handling of intercompany reconciliation and ability to support operational eliminations was utilized. Operational dimensions were integrated with legal reporting. Budgeting and forecasting were implemented in AARO.


The result


Month-end reporting cycle was reduced. Reporting quality increased dramatically, with a clear audit trail available in the system. Proper handling of operational eliminations and operational changes over time provided new insights into the business. New ability to analyze organic growth, excluding the effect of acquisitions and FX. Business controller’s time spent analyzing the results vs. budget/forecast in a common system instead of fixing formulas in a maze of Excel workbooks.

Atlas Copco

The Challenge


Outdated and unstable system for consolidation. Few opportunities for multi-dimensional analysis. Separate processes and systems for legal and operational reporting. A number of manual tasks, plus a heterogeneous system environment where various units had developed their own applications.

The solution


New joint system for operational and group consolidation. Streamlining of processes and standardising the chart of accounts. Atlas Copco requested help from specialists at the consultancy company Otisco.


The result


Faster collection of information, a higher quality of data and better analyses. Modern common system platforms with development opportunities throughout the Group.


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