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Otisco Consolidation Connector

Integrate Monitor G5 ERP with your consolidation
reporting solution (e.g. AARO)

The Otisco Consolidation Connector is optimized for integrations between Monitor ERP (G5) and AARO's consolidation reporting system but will work with most all consolidation reporting systems or Excel solutions. Save time and increase the quality of your reporting.

For a demo and/or pricing please email

Otisco Consolidation Connector

Otisco Consolidation Connector

Monitor ERP - G5
One of the best ERP systems for manufacturing companies.
Monitor ERP has been developed through a strong commitment to help manufacturing companies reach their full potential. All companies are unique, but there are lots of common challenges and ways of working. Whether you manufacture plastic bottles, circuit boards, crisps, office chairs or hydraulic pumps, you’ll need a system that can handle every part of your business. Monitor gives you control of everything from material requirements to invoicing.

For further information Monitor ERP - G5

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