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Otisco Consolidation Connector

Integrate Björn Lundén with your consolidation
reporting solution (e.g. AARO)

The Otisco Consolidation Connector is optimized for integrations between BL Administration and AARO's consolidation reporting system but will work with most all consolidation reporting systems or Excel solutions. Save time and increase the quality of your reporting.

For activation and pricing please email

Otisco Consolidation Connector

Otisco integrations AARO API

About Björn Lundén

Björn Lundén is a software company that has been simplifying everyday life for small and medium-sized companies for more than 30 years. Mainly by offering modern software solutions, comprehensible information and practical tools for managing the company's tax and declaration, accounting, salaries and personnel issues.
Our goal is that whatever you are wondering about when it comes to your business, you should be able to get information and tools from us. It can be in any of our many books or e-books, through our document templates, in any of our finance or tax programs, using any of our apps or web services, through our query service or on any of our courses or web courses.

Björn Lunden API
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