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Otisco Integration Services

Otisco has long and broad experience helping AARO customers with integrations from various different source systems. We have experience with the most common systems used by our group company customers, whether it be large ERP solutions or small accounting systems.

Below are just  integrations Otisco can assist with. Most of them are packaged solutions requiring minimal time to implement and offered at a fixed price.

Visma Control, Visma Business, Jeeves ERP, Monitor ERP, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft 365, NetSuite, SAP

Otisco Consolidation Connector

Otisco offers customers a subscription based integration solution for multiple API based accounting systems and customers can manage their various group companies through the same customer portal interface.

Visma eAccounting
Björn Lundén

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Otisco AB

Svärdvägen 21

182 33 Danderyd, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)8 559 24 360


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